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Museum List 2017

F@Mu Day Museums List

Dear families from abroad, welcome to Italy! And welcome to the (4th) “Giornata Nazionale delle Famiglie al Museo”, a day dedicated to all those families who want to approach the visit to a museum as an experience for the whole family. If you are in Italy on October 9th 2016 you will have a chance to attend this special day. On this page you can find the list of all the museums participating in the event. Just have a look below and find the museum which your kids are most attracted to. On October 9th each of the museum on the list will organize something specifically conceived for family visits, so as to offer everyone in the family the chance to spend some quality and fun time together, making it a very special “Sunday at the Museum” for both kids and parents. Look for the the museum’s contact details and book your place (if needed). Do not write to us for information: we will not be able to help you as it’s not us who organize the activies, contact directly the museums instead (in English everybody will be able to understand you). Are you afraid you don’t speak Italian? Don’t worry, language barriers have never been a problem for kids, who are always able to overcome differences and have fun together! And on October 9th everybody will be joining the fun of this special day at the museum. Last year 720 museums have taken part in the event, all over Italy.

How about this year? How many more will they be?

Mi dispiace per ora non ci sono musei, torna a trovarci!

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