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The project, this year in its sixth edition, was born out of the experience of, a website where you can find all that museums, art sites and cultural associations all over Italy have to offer to families with kids.

(Italiano) F@Mu è diventato ormai l'evento culturale dedicato alle Famiglie con bambini più grande ed importante d'Italia

The number of museums which have begun to offer educational programs and projects specifically conceived for family visits is increasing day by day, thanks also to the excellent standard of the example set by other European countries. Italian museums, too, are finally becoming 'family friendly'!

At Kidsarttourism we have a wide knowledge of the educational offer in this field, and we try to put this offer in relationships with the specific needs of families and kids, which we also know quite well.

We know how high the demand is for educational activities where the children are given a chance to spend a day, or just an afternoon or a few hours during the weekend learning about art and culture and having fun at the same time.

A visit to a museum or to an art exhitition, with reasonable family tickets at affordable prices, would be an excellent opportunity for the whole family to spend some quality time together, which both parents and children would enjoy.

Art and culture are not for an élite of intellectuals (grown ups!) only, as many still think, but for everyone.

You parents, bring your kids to the museums!

And you museums, welcome the children and make them want to discover your treasures!

The Family Day at Museum, which will take place on 14th October 2018, aims at making this possible, showing how museums and families can meet each other's needs in fun and creative ways.

So, join in,

and have fun!

Elisa Rosa,
Artistic Director

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