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590 MUSEUMS @T F@Mu 2014 | 50.000 people including adults and children!

* We want a day when the whole family gets togethers with the museum to enjoy the art of the past, to discover the traditions of the area in which they live, and to learn and have fun.

* We want a day when all of the museums are transformed into spaces full of colors, voices, laughter, motion, applications, and music; places in which we can hear stories from friendly and welcoming staff, in which we can play, ask, create and invent.

* We want a day that will leave a lasting mark in the hearts of children and the desire to repeat this unique experience

* We want a day that presents the beauty around us and be able to share it with those we love. This day is our greatest dream and our most important challenge.

This is
And on October 4, we want to experience it with all of you: adults, children, and museums. See you soon!

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